Important Tools Your Dealership Requires For Successful Operation

An automotive sales industry needs a comprehensive CRM software solution for enhancing customer relations, elimination of inefficiencies, automation of redundancies and improvement of profit and sales.

Use of the software helps them stay competitive. This software is very important component of their entire infrastructure. These are the tools that must be considered to make the dealership software highly comprehensive and robust solution for the needs of your business.

Customer Relationship Management

The dealer CRM module offers an integrated interface for the management of the entire dealership. It is important for consolidation of various departments and enables effective control of each of them. This software aids in making a catalog, accessing and analyzing customer data, that includes sales history, contact information, loan information, financial details, and service history.

CRM software helps in the development of effective marketing strategies that keeps customers engaged, via discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs. It helps in communicating with customers effectively via multiple channels that include the internet, email, phone and mobile devices.

Showroom Manager

This is important software that every dealership should use. Showroom manager offers effective monitoring and control of the different aspects of a sales process right from acquiring customer data and assuring employee compliance at every stage, to processing of the documents needed to accomplish a sale.

Integration of this software in your current business provides fast access to customer information, performs automatic data entry, logs into electronic desk in real-time and manages extensive sales process management.

Service CRM

This type of CRM solution offers comprehensive control of the entire service department, right from tracking the repair orders, and management of promise times to supplying real-time approximations of labor, total cost and parts to the customer.

Use of service CRM helps in acquiring contact information of customers and providing updates regarding vehicle status through text message, and email. It helps in tracking follow-ups with customers after when they visit the store.

At every single inspection and service visit, this software helps in identification of up-sell opportunities that in turn helps you to market superior level parts, services, and accessories. Thus, a service CRM enhances the profitability of any service department and enhances customer satisfaction.


Present day’s software package provides a wide set of services and tools to improve almost every aspect of the business. From tracking sales, proactive supervision and approaching online sales leads to making their service more efficient, all these automated software tools have become essential to implement in a business.