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Ways of Improving Human Resources in an Organization.

Human beings who carry out the activities of an organization are what we call human resources. Human resources could either provide intellectual needs, skills and expertise or physical energy needed in performing a task. Therefore, one of the most vital components in an organization is the human resource function. Acquisition, retention, development and efficient application of human resources are done by the human resource function. No organization will be able to achieve its goals without human resources, and therefore this makes them the most essential component. Being such a basic need, every organization must, therefore, be focused on acquiring the best employees, developing them so that they become better and employ a way of retaining them in the organization. For any institution to make its human resources better, it should consider a few tips on how to achieve this.

To begin with, organizations can consider training as a strategy of bettering their human resources. It is not easy to find the best and complete employees who right from the start can meet all the needs of the organization. Most people join organizations when they are very raw, and some of them are just entering the corporate world. You may also be experienced, but you find that the organizational needs are different. After acquiring your employees, the best thing to do is to conduct a training exercise to equip them with the skills that you need. The benefit of conducting training is that it not only equips but motivates the human resources. Most of the employees that were trained by the organization become very loyal to them.

One of the biggest motivators of human resources in an organization’s financial incentives. Most people work because they will earn some amount of money at the end of the day. People want to make ends meet for themselves and help their families and therefore would do everything to have a pay raise or incentives and form of money. Everyone in the organization would be motivated to improve their performance if they find that financial incentives would reward their hard work. There are also non-financial incentives that would also go a long way in improving the performance of employees and generally human resources. Non-financial incentives could include providing scholarships, tours or even paying for their insurance.

Besides, another strategy could be conducting performance appraisals on the employees. This involves measuring the performance of employees at specified intervals of time against some set standards or targets. To live up to the performance levels set by the organization, the employees will be motivated to work harder and better so that they do not disappoint and lose the faith the organization had on them.

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