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Tips for Hiring a Website Product Photographer

Well-taken product photographs can make or break your chances of a sale, especially in ecommerce. Here are some important considerations to make before choosing a professional product photographer to hire:

Overall Feel

Your overall site layout and message make a good place to start. How are the photos going to blend in? Do you want them to look modern or edgy, or friendly and homely? How do you want your customers to feel, looking at the images?

Cost Issues

When thinking how much the shoot will probably cost you, look into a few Things. For example, the photographer’s physical location and whether the travel costs will be significant are two factors that should be taken into account. Whether you have a small or big project is of course another factor you should look into. Will the work be done on a per picture or per project basis? What are the things that have to be photographed, and how plain or complicated is the result you want to achieve? For instance, reflective objects like jewelry are harder and more time-consuming to photograph compared to children’s toys.

Also consider whether the pictures will also used in newspapers, magazines or other media. These things are also going to influence your final cost. Photographers in general will maintain copyright to the images and give licenses for their use with certain terms – for instance, you may be allowed to use the pictures only on your website and within a span of three years. Of course, this can be negotiated depending on your needs. When choosing a photographer therefore, make sure it’s someone who is customer-oriented, someone who will listen to you and make sure you are satisfied.

Laying Down Details

An indispensable part of this discussion is details of the shoot itself – backdrop, lighting, angles, etc. All these have to be in writing to keep future disputes at bay. As well, take sample shots of some items first so you can check if the quality is good enough for you, and ensure that there will be no need for costly re-shoots.

Post Processing

Lastly, just prior to the shoot, discuss with the photographer the extent of post processing you will allow. Brightness, color balancing, contrast – these are some of the basics, but what about more complex editing, like adding a mask? This level of processing is actually even outsourced to specialists in most cases.

You can boost your website’s value just by investing in professional product photographs. But before anything, you have to choose a good photographer. While you will find lots of product photographers today, you have to check out their work and see how your personalities mesh. You’ll want someone who is not only technically competent but also easy to work with.

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